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Welcome to Magic Creations

Only few adults can match the creativity of an average five-year-old child!! Their imagination is unbelievably rich, and most of them are fearless while drawing. But what happens to these confident artists and amazing inventors when they're about five years old? …..They start learning in school and their expression slowly gets confined into the boundaries of definitions.

At Magic Creations our mission is to make children understand that it’s a good idea to remain a bit child-like throughout their lives. Once they believe that learning is a joyful experience, life becomes a joyful experience for them.

Our tools of training are simply motivational and inspirational. Every child is given freedom to express with the medium he/ she enjoys the most. No copying work is involved. And no comparisons, for sure!

Our mission is to help them understand that it's not important to be the best, but to express!

We do not promise to make your child a great painter, musician, actor or writer, but we can assure he would be a more joyful, observant, and expressive and art loving person at the end of our well designed modules. Wish we could remain kids forever! Actually we all have a kid inside... it’s just that we’ve been ignoring his little voice.

It’s never too late. Let’s take out time to meet ourselves…magic creations offers courses for adults also, so that you may fulfill that long cherished dream!!